Living in Harmony during a Renovation Project

You may be starting a renovation project in order to add space to your home. It may be to add value in order to sell on. Whichever, there is always a difficulty in decision making when there are two differing opinions. You and your partner may have completely different tastes, which will lead to completely different expectations during (and sometimes after) the renovation project. So how can we live in harmony and dispel any discontent during the process?

Make time for you

There is always going to be a difference in what you want, and what you actually need.  Taking some time out to visit friends or loved ones may bring some new perspective to your situation; their opinions could shed some new and impartial light on the subject. There will be time for you to assess how important your wants are as opposed to your needs, and whether they are worth arguing over!

Determine your strengths, and delegate

By recognising your and your partner’s strengths, you’ll be easily able to delegate the jobs accordingly.  This should alleviate the pain of treading on one another’s toes, and you’ll both bring totally separate skill sets to the project in question. You’ll both have accomplished differing tasks to the same end.

Don’t save the celebration!

We can often get bogged down with the never ending lists of jobs we still have to do. Take stock now and again!  It’s all too easy to forget just how much you’ve accomplished along the way. A nice meal together with a bottle of bubbly thrown in will remind you to celebrate what you’re achieving, even if you still have a way to go.

Compromising is a compromise

You both need to be singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to the finishing touches of your project.  You should have in mind that you both need to have an equal say.  With decor tastes that could be poles apart, you might both have to compromise at some point, all in the interests of taste of course! Compile some ideas or even mood boards, both having an input in what you’d like to see as an end result. Websites such as Pinterest and Houzz are an excellent starting point.

3 is the magic number

Although compromise is the key to a successful and stress free renovation, there may be one or two areas that are non-negotiable. For example, you may have a fixed idea on your dream kitchen if you are the cook of the house. But don’t set it in stone. Allow yourself three different options, and then make the final decision as a couple. Just because you’re the chef, doesn’t mean your partner will be completely banished from your kitchen!

Account for the unexpected

Set yourselves the most realistic budget you are able, and remember to include an emergency buffer.  There are usually one or two unexpected problems that will arise, and if you have a little money aside for such eventualities, then there will be one less hassle when they do. One of the biggest causes of arguments is money related, and so no blame can be apportioned if you have every base covered.  There may be times when it’s sensible to invest in items or products that you hadn’t thought of when you embarked on your renovation journey. One such is Renovation Insurance. Many people seek the help of a broker in order to gain some clear advice on which type of cover is most suited to their project.


Make lists! It might be old hat, but it’s an effective, black and white, no quibble way of documenting exactly what you need to do. In order to plan, separate your lists room by room and then in order of importance. This efficient planning will enable you to keep a check on all sorts of things, from inventory to expenses.

Once you reach the end of your renovation, and you’re sitting back and relaxing in your beautiful new surroundings, you’ll congratulate yourselves on not only a job well done, but one done in amicable and passive partnership with one another. You might feel like you deserve a medal, but perhaps your partner really does! “And the award for most harmonious partnership goes to….?!”